Who We Are

Life Laboratory is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing health care research and education dedicated to models of care that achieve the best outcomes at reasonable costs for every patient.  The concept for Life Laboratory was originally conceived in 1994 when David Badolato, M.D. recognized the need for a “living laboratory” model to test concepts for providing optimal quality care at a lower cost. With the core value of a patient-centered partnership, Dr. Badolato convened a patient Advisory Board in 2003. Realizing the significant lack of efficiency and effectiveness within the health care system and how this systematic failure has led to serious economic and safety implications for all health care patients, Dr. Badolato officially founded Life Laboratory in 2007, with the vital and collaborative time and talent of the Patient Advisory Board who in turn became the first Board of Directors of Life Laboratory, including the role of Chairman of the Life Laboratory Board.

Although primary care outpatient settings represent a vast majority of all U.S. medical practices, most industry studies on technologically advanced medical point of care have primarily focused on the treatments administered by hospitals and in subspecialty practices.  Since the majority of people seek to have their medical needs met at the primary care practice level, strategies and actions that improve quality and reduce costs require a great deal of attention and research to create new initiatives that can be readily implemented at the primary care level.

The Life Laboratory demonstration of proof of concept model significantly improves the safety, quality and affordability of health care for all stakeholders in the primary care setting.