Our Partners

Family Practice Associates of Upper Dublin

Family Practice Associates of Upper Dublin (FPUD) is a member of based in Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania. Its 31-person staff consists of seven board-certified physicians, three certified registered nurse practitioners and a team of highly qualified clinical and support professionals working together to provide the highest quality of care. Patient safety is its core value and its team members are committed to partnering with their more than 15,000 patients ranging in age from newborn to geriatrics.

Sharing similar philosophies and serving as a living laboratory test bed for Life Laboratory, FPUD is committed to being the most trusted healthcare partner for its patients. The FPUD team is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all by fostering healing, easing suffering and promoting wellness in a culture of safety, learning and respect.

Focused on improving health care quality, FPUD participated in the Pennsylvania Chronic Care Commission from 2009-2011 which combines elements of Wagner’s Chronic Care Model and the Patient-Centered Medical Home.  The practice has been recognized as a level 3 PCMH in February 2012 and has a care management – population health program.

The Gitlin Foundation

A major supporter of Life Laboratory, the Gitlin Foundation is a dedicated to humanitarian causes.