Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provide an overview of Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) and additional links for more detailed information.

Background: Through a unique public­ private partnership with 54 aligned payers in 14 regions (PDF) (/Files/x/cpcpluspayerregionlist.pdf), the CPC+ payment redesign gives practices the additional financial resources and flexibility they need to make investments that will improve quality of care and reduce the number of unnecessary services their patients receive. CPC+ provides practices with a robust learning system, as well as actionable data feedback, to guide their decision making. The care delivery redesign ensures practices in each track have the infrastructure to deliver better care to result in a healthier patient population. CPC+ is a five ­year model: Round 1 will begin in January 2017 and Round 2 will begin in January 2018.

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